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These are bo th acts proposed by the American goverment. These may shut down sites such as: google, youtube, wikipedia and many social media sites. Here are the details of each one:


SOPA is the Stop Online Piracy Act. It is a possible law to be passed in America to stop piracy on the internet. It will give the american goverment the power to take down any domain that has any possible content that can be considered piracy.


PIPA is the protection IP act (Preventing real online threats to economic creativity and theft of intellectual property act of 2011.) This gives the american goverment and copyright owners the ability to disable any domains that hold incriminating content.

The implications

This may not sound so bad but this will have serious implications all over the world. Not only can these act shut down sites they can shut down domains.This means that if a blog on a blogging platform, like blogger or like this site wordpress, posts a link to pirate or illegal content every site is endanger of being shut down as blogger/wordpress itself would be deleted.

These acts are in violation of the first amendment as it denies our freedom of speech and means that we will have limited acess to free information. If the goverment see it right to sensor piracy then why not opposition, sites against SOPA and PIPA, and so on until the american goverment can sensor anything they deem to need sensoring.

Perhaps the worst part of these acts would be the deletion of most major sites. Sites that would be shut down may be:

  • Wikipedia -updated by people like you or me, bound to have piracy links.
  • Twitter -social media have many links to piracy
  • Facebook -social media have many links to piracy
  • Google -links to just about everywhere
  • Yahoo -links to just about everywhere
  • Blogger -updated by people like you or me, bound to have piracy links.
  • WordPress -updated by people like you or me, bound to have piracy links.

And just about any site that can be at all updated by the public because if anyone can edit then there is bound to be piracy! Most public information sites are endanger aswell as social media and perhaps the worst; search engines. Imagine an internet without these sites; Imagine a world without these sites we depend on day in, day out.

These acts won’t just affect America, but ANY .com or American site.

These acts have not been stopped just slowed by the efforts of thousands. Wikipedia led over 10,000 sites in a 24hr blackout on the 18th of January plus there have been emails overloading the goverments servers of disgusted citizens who wish to keep public information and our basic freedom of speech.

If you live in America contact your local reprasentative to keep the destruction of internet and feedom of speech at bay.

For more information go to:

Wikipedia black out page:

Losangeles news:


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3 responses to “SOPA and PIPA”

  1. Jack says :

    STOP SOPA. This act is in direct violation of humans rights, the first amendment. It disallows freedom of speech.

  2. Jack says :

    Everybody, stop this law! It CANNOT be made.

  3. Jack says :

    Reblogged this on The Gadget box and commented:

    This blog is amazing and has lots of up to date information and interesting content

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