New year gadget solutions

Having trouble making a new years resolution? Well here’s a fun one: Stock up on the latest gadgets and tech with our new-years gadget solutions! Here’s some of the latest tech to treat yourself to this year.


3. Ipod touch: At number one is the 4th generation ipod touch (the latest model). It has features such as the camera, microphone and all of the latest software updates (IOS5). It is great for music lovers, technology lovers, well basicallly anything; because you can buy apps for just about anything: business, news, video, music, blogging, knitting, cooking; yep there’s an app for that. And these can be purchased from the app store on your computer or on the ipod itself. There are millions of apps out there free and paid, the only problem is which one? For the top 5 apps go to an earlier blog post.


Ipod touch

Ipod touch


2. VAIO Laptop: VAIO laptops are a range of laptops from sony. There are lot’s of different styles and features. There are wide sreens and smaller, fast and averidge cheap and really expensive. They are great laptops for learning to use and are great for almost all purposes. They are very fast, and have all of the usual laptop features (wifi, bluetooth etc).


VAIO laptops

VAIO laptops -coloured


1. Iphone 4S: The Iphone 4S is the latest Iphone. It it mostly the same as the Iphone 4 in hardware although it does boast a retina screen, longer battery and a few more. The major update is siri -apple’s new artificial intelligence that can google, text, talk, and lot’s more. To find out more read earlier blog posts: Siri or the new features of the Iphone 4S

Iphone 4S

Iphone 4S


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  1. Jack says :

    Happy new year!!! My resolution is to make better resolutions.

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