Christmas gadgets

Christmas tree


It’s Christmas again! It’s exiting opening presents, but you also have to buy for others. This post can help you with that! Here are 5 great gadget presents:


5. Amazon kindle: Are you tired of buying books for presents? Well instead you can get your family’s readers this e-reader. The amazon kindle is one of the leading e-readers, with a dim screen it looks exactly like paper. You can store thousands of books in a machine smaller than a thin paperback. If you know someone who would like it, buy from amazon.



Amazon kindle


4. Sony speaker system: Do you know anyone in your family who loves music? Well if you do, then this is the present for you. Get this mini sony speaker system with FM and digital radio, CD player and ipod dock. Buy from amazon.

Sony mini Hifi

Sony mini Hifi

3. Nikon J1 Camera: If you have a budding photographer or someone who just needs a new camera the J1 is perfect. It takes amazing pictures; with the quality of a DSLR (one of the big chunky black cameras professionals use), yet it is a compact so you can carry it around with you like a normal camera. If you want to take stunning pictures with a compact camera then this is the camera you need. If  you know a family member who is in need of a camera buy from amazon.


Nikon J1

2. VAIO Laptop: VAIO laptops are a range of laptops from sony. There are lot’s of different styles and features. There are wide sreens and smaller, fast and averidge cheap and really expensive. They are great laptops for learning to use and are great for almost all purposes. They are very fast, and have all of the usual laptop features (wifi, bluetooth etc.). If you think this would be the perfect gift then buy from amazon.


VAIO laptops

1. Ipod touch: At number one is the 4th generation ipod touch (the latest model). It has features such as the camera, microphone and all of the latest software updates (IOS5). It is great for music lovers, technology lovers, well basicallly anything; because you can buy apps for just about anything: business, news, video, music, blogging, knitting, cooking; yep there’s an app for that. And these can be purchased from the app store on your computer or on the ipod itself. There are millions of apps out there free and paid, the only problem is which one? If you want to buy this fantastic gift for someone you know then purchase it from the amazon store.


Ipod touch


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    VAIO and Ipod touch

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