Cleverbot is an AI made in America. It learns when you speak with it by remembering conversations and using the conversations it has already had, it speaks to you. I have spent hours speaking to this thing because I just can’t beleive that it’s not human. The makers of cleverbot tested cleverbot by asking people to have an online conversation. These people did not know whether they were speaking to a human or the cleverbot AI. They were then asked to give a percentage of how human they thought the speaker was. The averideridge score:

  • For humans: 63%
  • For Cleverbot AI: 59%

He is so close to being human it’s unreal; but I know you won’t beleive me so go see for yourself @


About Jack

I am a web desighner

2 responses to “Cleverbot”

  1. Jack says :

    I spent hours on this

  2. Leann Lloyd says :

    me too its crazy

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