Gadgets for pets

5 gadgets that will make looking after your pet a lot easier.

5. Microchip cat flap

At five is the pet sensing cat flap! Using one of these means that other, unwanted animals can’t get through because the cat flap only opens for your pet. The microchip in your pets collar unlocks the catflap only letting your cat in.

Microchip cat flap

Microchip cat flap


4. Automatic pet feeder

And at four we have the automatic pet feeder! If your going away for the weekend and there’s no-one to feed your pet the here it is the automatic pet feeder. It rotates everyday giving your per it’s daily food. You must fill up each compartment so when the daily rotation comes by your pet has the right amount of food.

Auto pet feeder

Automatic pet feeder


3. Self-Refreshing drinking fountain

To go with your automatic pet feeder there’s the refreshing drinking fountain. It can be used when you’re going away or just generally. Your pet always needs fresh water and with this fountain you won’t have to keep constantly supplying your pet with fresh water. The fountain filters the water to take out impurities and the motor is very quiet so your pet won’t be put off drinking from it.

Pet drinking fountain

Pet drinking fountain


2. The Ashpoopie

Are you fed up of cleaning up after your pet? Carry one of these around and you won’t have to bag any more poop any more! The ash poopie renders you pets poo into safe, clean ash; Watch the video for more…


1. The pet tracking collar

Worried about letting your pet outdoors? Well at number 1 is the retrivia tracking collar. You can find where you pet is from your mobile or your computer. It uses GPS so your pet can’t go anywhere without you knowing.

Dog tracking collar

Dog tracking collar


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One response to “Gadgets for pets”

  1. Jack says :

    I just got a pet cat called bumble so some of these gadgets will be really useful.

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