Top 5 apple apps

As a growing number of people are buying IPhones, Ipads and ipod touches the amount of apps for them are phenomenal. There are easily tens of millions of apps on the apple store which leaves you thinking which are the best apps and how can I find them. Well just to make finding the best apps a little bit easier here are the top 5 gaming apps:

5.Plants Vs. Zombies:

Plants versus zombies is an addictive strategy game in which zombies are trying to get into your house day and night in order to eat your brains. The only thing stopping them is you plants. You must stop the zombies in your front garden  your back garden and on the roof. You can buy things like lawnmowers, roof cleaners and pond cleaners from crazy Dave (your neighbor) who has a shop in his car. You can also buy plant upgrades and other bits and bobs to push the zombies back into the cemetery.
PV.Z is a fun game from pop cap that’s great fun for on the go and at home.

Plants Vs. Zombies for itouch/phone

Plants Vs. Zombies for Iphone/Itouch


4. World of Goo:

World of goo was originally a fun mini game that was successful on mac windows and on the wii from the wii store. Following it’s success it then came to the apple app store and is every bit as good with the added touch screen functionality. It vaguely resembles a storyline that takes you through multiple worlds and a computer. It is a physics based game in which you have to get as many goo balls as you can into the pipe at the end of the level. You have to build a bridge using some of you goo balls each time, the less you use the better you’ll do.
World of Goo is a fun mini game both on the computer and wii versions and the app store version.

World of goo

World of goo


3.Cut the rope:

Cut the rope is a fun app to play with over 3 million sales. In each level you must solve a challenge as to how you will get the sweet into the frogs mouth. You must use gravity, rope (a lot of rope), puffers and some scissors to pass the level. In each level you can collect 3 stars. There are a certain amount of stars needed to proceed to the next box.You can collect these stars by passing the sweet through them, it is always possible to get 3 stars but it is not always easy.
Overall Cut the rope is quite funny and you can always take pleasure from seeing the smile on the little box creatures face when he eats that sweet.

Cut the rope

Cut the rope


2.Doodle jump:

Doodle jump is a really simple game. You tilt your device -left to go left-right to go right- And the doodler jumps up and down. You have to steer him on to the next platform. There are also power ups such as the: helicopter helmet, the jet pack and the spring boots. As well as this on some platforms there maybe a spring or trampoline that makes you jump higher than you usually would. Basically the higher you go the more points you get. Unfortunately it’s not that simple, There are enemies that include: monsters, black holes and the tricky UFOs. You can either tap the screen to shoot at them or jump on them (which can be rather tricky some sometimes). There are also platforms that blow up, move able platforms and at one point instead of their being platforms you have to jump on monsters! There are also different themes. Before you  start a game you can change the theme to a football theme (added at the world cup), A Halloween theme, space theme and an underwater theme as well as quite a few more.Overall doodle jump is a fun addictive game that has achieved well over 3 million sales. It is a must buy for any ipod/iphone/ipad user.


Doodle jump


1. Angry birds:

If you haven’t hear of angry birds… Well wow. The app took off and exceeded well beyond 350 million sales! Angry birds has a simple storyline. The pigs have taken the birds eggs and the birds are trying to get them back. Instead of just talking they catapult themselves at the frogs buildings and just really whatever is protecting them. On each level there is a different building setup and you have to get all the frogs on each level to pass. There are normal red birds, fast yellow birds, black bomb birds and many many more. There are also some themed apps such as ‘Rio’ Angry birds in which you have to free all of the birds trapped in cages.
Angry birds has had so many sales and is such a well designed game it easily deserves to be the NO1 gaming app.

Angry birds

Angry birds


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  1. P100 says :

    I think world of goo is the best because there’s lots to do and its more of a challenge

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