Iphone 4S

The Iphone 4S was released last week (October 14th). It is fundementally the same as the Iphone 4 and instead of lot’s of new technology packed in it’s faster, better and easier to use. It’s new features include:

  • Dual core A5 chip which basically means it’s faster and more effecient. This also means that the battery life lasts longer so the 4S is better for longer. The 4S has twice the power and 7X faster Graphics.
  • New camera! Iphone users can now use the 8 megapixel camera and shoot 1080p video’s.
  • Icloud and IOS 5, the new Iphone software. + the new siri app
  • Facetime, New and improved.
  • The new display. There is a new Retina display so the pixels are unidentifyable by the human eye. This gives clear crisp images better than a printed version.

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2 responses to “Iphone 4S”

  1. P100 says :

    I think it’s the best phone ever!

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