Gaming ‘On the cloud’

OnLive Cloud Gaming

On live is a new cloud gaming company. You buy games on the onlive library at around the same prices you usually would. There are no disks and you do not have to go to a shop to buy the latest games -they are all on the cloud. You do not have to download the games so there are no risks of viruses etc. Once you have bought a game you can play it on your mac, pc or TV. For instance you could start playing on the tv but then when you go on holiday you can continue your game (Internet access required)

You will however also need an internet connection to play, which for a lot of people can be a large pain. Also the service costs 15 dollars a month (around 10 quid for pounds sterling). This could be easier to have everything in one place but unless you buy a console every other year it is actually just as expensive. Also you will have to buy the microconsole and controller for 60 odd dollars before you actually get round to playing you onlive games on you TV.  But the major part letting it down is that every game on onlive stays for at least 3 years but the game will be put offline if not many people play it after this period. If I purchased a game I would not want to suddenly find that the game is no longer there. There is also the matter of the games library. It has a couple of major games like homefront and FEAR but other than that there are not a lot.

Overall Onlive is not a lot cheaper than buying consoles every other year and the games are not a lot cheaper. Also there is the matter of the rather limited library. For some people the ability to store everything on the cloud and play without the hindrance of huge consoles and stacks of game disks, makes up for this, but for most people the cloud isn’t quite ready.


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One response to “Gaming ‘On the cloud’”

  1. P100 says :

    I think it could improve by expanding it’s game library.

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